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Join me in Westchester, Dobbs Ferry NY and in NYC



Come and join me in this soothing and nourishing space

Chinese medicine is an ancient practice, utilized and refined for thousands of years. Today it provides meaningful support to contemporary health related conditions. Each method can be used alone or in synergy. Imagine it as a Jazz ensemble, with each instrument bringing in its own element and creating balance.

By relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic system is induced, which draws upon the regenerative capacity of the body. Physical, emotive, psychological and environmental are all part of the treatment plan. 

Without being an exhaustive list, the following describes what Chinese Medicine can address:

Stress reduction, fatigue, pain relief, digestive disorders, upper respiratory issues, women’s health, emotional distress, anxiety, sleep disturbance and long term health conditions. 

Recognized by the World health Organization, the National Institute for Health (NIH) and other main institutions such as Sloan Kettering.

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