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Pre-Visit Precautions and In-Office Safety Procedures:

  • A pre-screening 24 to 48 hours prior to the appointment is requited for each single appointments.
  • Patients that are leaving in a household that has been free of flu-like symptoms for at least the past 14 days, have not knowingly come into contact with anyone who is sick, might be able to schedule an appointment after the pre-screening has be conducted.
  • Patient should also practice safe social distancing measures and haven’t traveled to high-risk areas in at least the least 14 days.        
  • Patients are requested to contact me by phone if there are any signs flu-like symptoms, allergies or other questions.

Day of the appointment:

  • When entering the building, please walk straight to my office avoiding to touch anything if possible. Remember if you meet someone in the corridors to keep 6 feet distance.
  • The building is cleaned several times a day, but use your own bathroom if possible.
  • Bring your own mask and wear it the entire time in the building as well as in the office.
  • It is recommend to remove watches/ jewelries before your appointment.
  • Screening will be conducted in the designed area.
  • Pre-screening questions and a non-contact thermometer will be used to check the body temperature on the forehead. (Body temperature of 100.4 or higher is considered a fever. O2 level below 95 is considered hypoxia).
  • For patients who passed the screening, the use of hand sanitizer is required before proceeding with the treatment.
  • For patient who do not pass the pre-screening, she/he will be referred to their medical doctor or to the local health department for evaluation.

Post-Treatment Instructions

After each patient’s visit, the treatment room will be cleaned and disinfected (especially headrests, countertop, chairs/stools/door handle, light switches, hand sanitizer pump handle as well as any other high impact surface).

General information about the studio:

A checklist/protocol has been developed to keep the studio cleaned and sanitized on a daily base with EPA registered hospital grade.

  • Pre-screening & consent Form filled out before each appointment.
  • The  windows in the office allows for proper and safe air ventilation and will be opened frequently and especially before and after each visit to ensure maximum safety in air quality.
  • Temperature checks reading will be conducted upon arrival of each patient.
  • Use of disposable pillow cases, bed covers and changed for each patient.
  • Patient and Healthcare provider are required to wear face masks is required at all times.
  • Use of hand sanitizer upon arrival and post-treatment.
  • The appointment will be staggered 1 hour between appointment to desinfect  and sanitize the office.
  • Contact-free payments is preferred at this time.Telehealth is also offered as an alternative, please do not hesitate to contact me. Be well!

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