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Multi-disciplinary methods and synergy addressing various health concerns…

The therapeutic practices offered at Riverside Acupuncture Studio are part of the 5 pillars of Asian Classical medicine and consist of Acupuncture, Tuina or Shiatsu (Japanese bodywork), Mouvement, Nutrition and Herbs. During your appointment, these modalities can be used alone or in combination with one another.

The treatment plan listens to your needs and observes the best course of actionIf you have an apprehension towards needles, we can circumvent this and find another methods that are highly effective. 

Individualized session are provided with compassionate care. Being sensitive to your personal experiences and culture are key.

Pain Relief

Pain can take so many forms. It is hard to live with, because it impacts all aspects of our lives and it usually creates a cascade of other symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, etc.  Acupuncture, cupping, moxa can greatly alleviate pain and improve your life. In addition, the topical application of medicinal plants can show durable and fast recovery depending on the nature of the pain.

Chronic stress, Fatigue, Anxiety

Chronic stress is at the source of various disorders and diseases. When you feel under pressure at work, in your life, come in for a session, so we can address these concerns immediately. You may feel, already the next day, a noticeable improvement. It can help to recuperate your inner strength, immunity and enhances physical and emotional health.

Women's health

Many of the modalities such as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Moxa can greatly alleviate discomforts related to pms, perimenopause or menopause.

By integrating the various modalities this multi-dimensional approach will help to restore your body’s biological balance and ease the many transitions in a women’s life. Come in and let’s discuss. 

Long term conditions

Chronic diseases cover-up long-term conditions. These conditions can heavily impact your social, professional and personal life. Acupuncture for instance can give relief to acute pain and long term discomforts. Continued treatment can provide long lasting and real relief for many disorders. As the treatment plan is individually customized, the frequency and number of sessions will vary depending on your unique needs. Many factors will have to be determined as we plan ahead to address your pain wether acute or chronic.


If you are looking for a soothing, rejuvenation session, after a long effort or hard work, feel free to share and just express you wish!

This is an excellent way to do preventative medicine, feel resourced and find your inner balance. 

Fatigue, chronic back pain and weight management

I started going to Myriam over a year ago at the suggestion of a friend.

After a recent move and in the throes of COVID, I was struggling both physically and mentally.  I was contending with fatigue, chronic back and neck pain, anxiety, and weight management issues. Myriam is a true healer and is able to read your body at each visit to prioritize where to focus.  Always leading with kindness, she utilizes a multitude of modalities from traditional acupuncture to shiatsu, cupping, gua sha, and essential oils.  Myriam is innately curious and goes above and beyond to tailor her treatments to your needs. I am not exaggerating when I say that Myriam not only played a critical role in ensuring I got through COVID intact, but also significantly improved my quality of life.  I am finally losing the COVID pounds I gained, sleeping better, and my back is feeling better than it has in years.  My acupuncture sessions with Myriam are the highlight of my week. I cannot recommend Myriam more highly!

M.R Consultant, Rivertown’s, Westchester County. NY.

Allergies and digestive issues

My acupuncturist recently recommended Myriam to me when he moved. She has a broad knowledge of Asian therapeutic techniques and an intuitive sense of what will work with my sensitive self. After 10 years of regular acupuncture to treat anxiety, allergies and digestive issues, in my short time with Myriam I feel calmer, more human and more like myself.

Myriam even provides thoughtful follow-up suggestions (diet, exercise) making her treatments truly holistic.

S.L. Mother. NYC.

Lower back pain and anxiety

Last year, I was looking for a practitioner for my teenage daughter. She was having lower back pains and feeling quite anxious about school. Myriam came highly recommended to me as someone whose gentle and methodical approach. The appointments were such a success. Not having gone to an acupuncturist before, my daughter so appreciated how Myriam talked her through everything she was doing and explained why it might help her feel better. There were never any surprises and my daughter always came out of the appointments feeling so relaxed, pain free and looking forward to her next visit! Myriam is very genuine and extremely knowledgeable in Chinese medicine. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to alleviate any pain.

M. Elementary Teacher, Rivertown’s, Westchester County. NY.

Neuropathy and arthritis

I have been suffering from neuropathy and arthritis for years. These conditions have improved in only one month treatments and I continue to visit Myriam on a regular basis for maintenance.

I feel more energy and strength.

In addition I have gained weight, which was one of my concerns too.

M. Advisor, NYC

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