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This approach of health, encompasses many arts such as Movement (Qi cong), Acupuncture (including Moxa, cupping), Lifestyles/Nutrition, Acupressure and Herbs.

The entire person is taken into account, as well as the environment and the various inputs that can impact health on every level. It draws upon the regenerative capacity of the body to heal itself. It works by rebalancing the nervous system, decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation and regulating your stress levels. It works by stimulating your own body’s natural ability to heal. 

Whether you are looking to address a specific need such as a rejuvenation facial treatment, the holistic approach is a must to achieve long lasting results.


Shiatsu is Japanese bodywork that can be a used as a “stand-alone treatment” or in conjunction with acupuncture. It combines meridian stretching, breathing techniques and fascial release. It focuses on deep whole body balancing and is very relaxing. It follows the principles of Chinese Medicine and channel therapies, can be combined with sound therapy and essential oils.

You will be asked to wear loose and comfortable cotton clothing.



Cupping is used with glass, or silicon cups to create a local suction onto the skin and superficial muscle layers. By drawing out toxins, increasing blood, lymph flow, it speeds up healing time, releases tensions and local stagnation.

Remember Michael Phelps during the last summer Olympics (2016) The redness was not a bruise but the expression of stagnate blood in the tissue that is being dispelled.


Moxibustion is known as heat therapy used in conjunction with the use of  mugwort, or  (Ai Ye in pinyin.  It is applied  along channels or specific points. There are various forms in which this can be used such as direct, indirect Moxa. It is part of the chrysanthemum family dates back to the Ming Dynasty (14th to 17th).



Essential oils

Offers an analogy to the therapeutic benefits of herbal formula, within the framework of Chinese medicine. These principles are integrated in the treatments. They address the ancient part of our brain that deals with emotions and memories. They work holistically and act on many levels:  mental, emotional, physical. Essential oils work together with Shiatsu, Acupuncture and rejuvenating facials treatments.



This is a smooth-edged instrument used gently across the skin where a subcutaneous injury or imbalances reside. The reddening of the skin allows for the reduction of inflammation, the release of pain from the superficial layers of the body to address tight muscles. This is also a wonderful technique that is used in a gentle way for facials to counteract puffiness and smoothen out wrinkles.

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