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Welcome to this new platform to provide support to the community straight from their homes. Telehealth is accessible via phone or online.  
The initial consultation is free. However the costs related to supplements and essential oils are the responsibility of the patient. 

What is remote consultation? This is a safe, reliable place where we can discuss to improve your well being and health through electronic information. This is now widely in the midst of Covid 19 to support people with routine care and to protect the communities and encourage everyone to be safe.

How will we work together? The session lasts between 20-30 minutes.

Depending on your need, we will focus on different areas and use the following modalities

– Guided Meditation 

– Dietary advices- Acupressure & Meridian self massage

– Supplements recommendations

– Exercise & stretches

– Essential oils

How to proceed? After you have requested an appointment, you will receive an email with easy steps to follow and a waiver (kindly sign, take a picture and send it back).

Any questions: please use the contact form to ask any questions you may have.


This Telehealth is not a substitute to medical care neither for diagnosis, treatments and management of COVID 19.

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